WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Avid bicycle rider Joe Russell says it is easy to live healthy in his hometown of Washington, Illinois.

“We have over 12 miles of bike path dedicated off-street, all paved, ready to go. So for walkers, runners, bikers, it is the perfect, perfect asset,” said Russell, owner of Russell Cycling and Fitness, a bicycle shop in Washington.

Russell said he easily can get around the city without a car.

“A lot of our streets are east-west, and being able to have corridors that are safe and not on the main street is huge,” he said.

“We have trails that run all the way through town, so they connect all the different neighborhoods here. So its a really nice feature of our town,” added Brian Tibbs, executive director of Washington Park District.

Tibbs said the city has a robust park system, including popular parks Washington Park, Harry LaHood Park, Oak Ridge Park, and Meadow Valley Park.

“We have a great park system. 14 different park areas over 300 acres…Giving our community a place to go, giving them a place to just disconnect a little bit and enjoy some great time with their family. ” he said.

Tibbs added the 80-acre Meadow Valley Park, on the west side of town has a dog park and is aesthetically unique compared with the other parks.

“It’s a little bit more of a natural trail system. I feel like that’s kind of a nice hidden gem with a mile-and-half trail system,” he said.

Tibbs encouraged everyone to take advantage of the city’s natural amenities.

“Some great weather to get outside, use the trails, be active, go for a walk, take your dog for a walk, take the family out for a bike ride. It’s just a great thing for our community,” he said. “We love to see the trails used, we love to see the parks used. It helps motivate us and keep us going and know that what we’re doing is actually serving the community.”

Good Neighbor Days , Washington’s annual summer festival, is from June 1-5.

For those who like to run, the Good Neighbor Days 5K is on June 4. There is also a free nine-mile family bike ride.