CEO Action is telling you not to judge a book by its cover

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — A company called CEO action is trying to help do away with stereotypes by teaching people how to better themselves.

On Tuesday, they stopped at State Farm Headquarters in Bloomington where CEO action employees used State-of-the-Art technology to show employees, the hardships others in different parts of the world face.

Leaders of the program say, the 100 stop tour is intended to help people recognize and understand the biases they have, even if they’re not intended.

“People at businesses we go to really enjoy the training,“ said Ryan Mosher, Tour Manager of CEO Action. “All of us have unconscious biases, and we don’t realize them. When you learn more about them and you are able to spot them, you can change your own behavior. Then you can really make a difference, in your own life and in other people’s life.”

State Farm employees were asked to take the “I act on pledge” promising to do more for diversity and inclusion on an everyday basis.

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