Chance the Raptile finds a home in Heritage Lake

Local News

MACKINAW, Ill.– “Chance the Raptile,” the iguana that has been loose around Heritage Lake for the last couple weeks, now has a new home.

Residents worked together Sunday to scan the coastlines and finally capture Chance. The iguana’s new caretaker Ryan Pratt called it a group effort.

“I want to say 10 or 12 people on four or five boats scanning the whole coastline yesterday, working together to make it happen,” Pratt said.

Pratt works an aquarium service company called Aquamoon, and has prepared Chance’s temporary tank from an old fish tank. They plan get her a new larger tank soon to give Chance more room to grow.

Chance has become a local mascot in the Heritage Lake area, and Pratt said he will work to keep everyone updated on the new local celebrity.

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