A small town library is looking for donations.

Chenoa Public Library is asking the whole town to help in their renovation effort. The library wants to give everyone in the community access to what they offer, and that means creating a handicap accessible space. 

“I think libraries give us an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to interact with our community,” said Lori Carranza, Chenoa Library Board Secretary. “And you can have all different age groups, all in the same place.”

Carranza said libraries are no longer a quiet space just for reading and doing homework.

“A library is a space for social events,” said Carranza. “It’s a place for kids to get a lot of hands-on experience. We use computers every day, but there are some people in our community that don’t have access to that in their own home. So if they need a resume, of if they need to look for a job,all those things are done online nowadays. So they can come here to the library and do that.”

Chenoa Public Library has been raising funds for many years now, trying to get enough money to rebuild their library on a downtown lot donated by the town.

“The remodel really wouldn’t get us much extra space, and access necessarily to the upstairs for everyone,” said Molly Wilder, who is helping raise money. “So we want to go with a more one story building, more room.”

So far the library has raised about $420,000 for their new building and they already have the blueprints drawn up. The only thing left is to raise the rest of the $800,000 they need.

If you would like to donate to the Chenoa Public Library’s effort, you can call them at 815-945-4253, or e-mail them at Chenoapl@frontier.com.