BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Children’s power wheel cars are taking the City of Bloomington by storm.

Toy vehicles have been parked in a Bloomington parking lot off Clinton Street near Schooner’s Bar for at least the past month.

According to Bloomington Police and local residents, it started with one then grew to as many as at least 10 cars.

As of Thursday, two cars remained in the lot.

Last week, Bloomington Police paid the lot a visit on reports of possible “parking violations.”

“It’s nice, I mean you get to show the world that everything, especially from the police department isn’t doom and gloom and there’s still a lot of happy things that happen all throughout the community,” said public information officer, Brandt Parsley. “Anytime we get an opportunity to take a break from the police world and kind of focus on a fun community thing like this, we always like to get an opportunity for that kind of thing.”

Someone also ticketed the cars with ice cream tickets for parking violations, however Parsley said the police were not responsible for that.

BPD has no idea on the origin of the cars.

Parsley said it was one of their most ‘liked’ posts on the department Facebook page ever.