HANNA CITY, Ill. (WMBD) — Flower baskets have been grown by members of the Children’s Home organization for Mother’s Day.

The flower baskets were made at their Scott’s Prairie location in Hanna City. The location has several acres of outdoor areas for the children they serve, which includes areas for fishing and farming.

The flowers are meant to raise funds for the organization, whose mission is to help the youth and families who need it most. They serve over 1700 youth and families through their services, which include community support and education.

Chief of External Affairs Camille Simpson said that the organization is proud of the work the children have done with the flowers in the greenhouse.

“Our youth enjoy their time out here, getting their hands dirty, being in the sunlight, taking time outside for their mental health, and of course all of our mental health who have access to this property, we’re really excited and proud of the work that they do and we love that we can share that with our community,” Simpson said.

The pickup date for the flowers is May 12 at their headquarters on Knoxville Ave in Peoria. If interested in purchasing flowers, you can head to their website.