Chillicothe celebrates 100th anniversary of Zorro

Local News

CHILLICOTHE, Ill., The 100th anniversary of a superhero created right here in Central Illinois was celebrated today at the Chillicothe Historical Society Museum. 

Chillicothe native, Johnston McCulley created Zorro, a masked superhero that inspired some of the superheroes we know and love today. 

McCulley wrote several published stories and scripted movies throughout the 1900s. 

A zorro exhibit contributor and expert said the most important thing about this superhero is his ethics and values. 

“Zorro is [an] analysis of the nature of protest, but the idea is that one man can make a difference and you have to transform yourself,” Zorro expert Peter Poplaski said. “It’s about [how] everyone must transform themselves if society is going to change.”

If you are interested in seeing Zorro and other work of Johnston McCulley, there’s an extensive collection of books, comics and more at the Chillicothe Historical Society. 

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