PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — At a library, people usually check out books, but at the Chillicothe Public Library, guests can also check out seeds to grow in their own garden.

The saying goes April showers bring May flowers, and the Chillicothe Public Library is encouraging people to try their own hand at gardening with their seed library.

The coordinator for the Chillicothe Seed Library, Catherine Barnett, said they have hundreds of seeds to choose from. The seeds range from peppers, herbs, fruit, and flowers.

“The idea of growing your own fruit, flowers, and herbs is a lot of fun for you, but you might also save money on your grocery bill. You might get some experience about how things grow,” said Barnett.

Barnett said the seeds are donated from different seed companies, but some are also saved from the people who take them. Barnett said the process is called seed saving.

“It’s a complicated process, but if people want to contribute to the future of our seed library, this is what we encourage them to do,” said Barnett.

The Chillicothe Public Library offers classes on how to save seeds. Barnett said those classes should be available when fall weather nears.

With April showers here, Barnett said the perfect time to start planting is now.