PEORIA, Ill. — A group of stroke survivors are getting some therapy in through a unique path.

It’s a part of a program that helps survivors both mentally and physically recover from having a stroke.  

“We had a very special performance today by our stroke survivors chimes choir called the Chime Strokers,” Jan Jahnel, Chief Stroke Coordinator said. “It’s a chimes choir that was started about 10 years ago with one handed chimes that stroke survivors can play.”

Survivors said the choir helps them. 

“It’s helped me immensely mentally and physically,” Rick Arnold, who had a stroke two years ago, said. “When you have a stroke, your balance gets thrown off a lot and the mental aspect of following along has helped me to regain my brain connecting with my body.”

Arnold said the first time they ever played the song “Let Me Do,” he was listening to the words and broke down in tears.

“I completely cried through the whole song,” he said. 

Jahnel agreed.

“The ‘Let Me Do’ song is very emotional to me,” she said. “I was actually at the camp when they, the stroke survivors, were asked what they wanted the people to know, the public to know and all of those words of that song are what the stroke survivors wanted us to know, so that song really touches me because it’s the voice of the stroke survivor.”

“They all just feel very very excited about doing it and like I said it really makes them feel like they’re giving something back and that’s really important to them,” she continued. 

Arnold said the chimers and stroke camp have all become a second family to him.

“I’m very blessed to have them all,” he said. “They’ve helped me to overcome my stroke and to help me get through life daily and I’m just very blessed that we have this in our community.”