PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The “Choose Greater Peoria” initiative has brought several businesses and organizations together to attract and retain talent in Peoria. In order for that to happen, leaders of the initiative are highlighting the positive aspects of Peoria and Central Illinois. They also want more people to be aware of the campaign.

“This is an inclusive idea, an inclusive movement, and the more people that we can get on board the better, we want everyone to be apart of this and we know that we have so much to be proud of, so much to talk about in our region, and the more people the better,” said Laura Cullinan, president of the Gilmore Foundation.

If the region is to improve talent retention, community morale is important. Showcasing the favorable aspects of the region is a focal point of the campaign. Leanne Skuse, president of River City Construction, echoed that sentiment.

“We really have to start talking more about those positive stories and sharing those and getting those voices out, because there’s so many that are there, and just making sure we bring all of those wonderful experiences that people have had within the region, and showcasing what the region has to offer,” Skuse said.

Skuse says that River City Construction joined the initiative 6 months ago and she’s already seen signs that the region is heading in the right direction.

“We’ve already recognized some of those benefits of being part of something that’s much larger than our individual organization, and really seeing what the region can do when it all comes together and bands behind one initiative,” Skuse said.

Both Cullinan and Skuse are telling Peoria citizens to talk up the city and point to all of the positives of the region. If interested in learning more about the initiative, you can check out their website here.