Christmas time at the movies: Some families prefer to spend the holidays in front of the big screen

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill.– When one thinks of Christmas, one typically imagines lights, trees, gifts, and families. However, there are those whose Christmas includes concession stands, popcorn, and strangers.

This is the case for Emma Spader and her family who’ve made it a tradition to go to the movies every Christmas.

“It is nice getting to sit down with everybody and just watch a movie and relax after having a long day of talking with each other,” Spader said.

Spader, who calls herself a film lover, said she’s gone to the movies with her family every Christmas since she was a child. She said it’s actually more intimate than spending the holiday at home.

“We can do so much from our house now,” Spader said. “We can watch Netflix; we can be on our phones, there’s not really that togetherness and inner-connectedness that you get when you go out of your house and go to a movie theater to watch movies.”

In fact, there are some theater employees, such as John Larson, the general manager at Marcus Bloomington Cinema, who said Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for movie theaters.

“Mostly because we are one of the few businesses that are open,” Larson said.

Larson also said it’s also a marketing strategy by movie studios.

“The studios do know that everyone’s out of school and work these kinds of weeks so they do release their biggest movies that they’re holding off like a ‘Star Wars’ for the holiday season so they can pull in as much revenue at the box office as possible,” Larson said.

But for Spader, the movie holiday movie theater experience is all about getting out and enjoying time with the family.

“It’s nice just getting away from the house a little bit especially in the winter when you’re cooped up all the time. It’s nice just going out and going to a movie theater,” Spader said.

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