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Central Illinois lawmakers react to Janus vs. AFSCME

PEORIA - The Supreme Court gave Gov. Bruce Rauner a major victory Wednesday. The high court ruled in favor of an Illinois union worker and changed how unions collect certain fees. Under the ruling government, employees will no longer be forced to pay union dues.

In the case of Janus versus AFSCME, Mark Janus said he shouldn't be forced to pay union dues if he doesn't support the message unions are sending.

Unions fought back saying they're legally obligated to bargain for every single person in a work-group and allowing people to stop paying dues limits their ability to fight for those members.

Back at home, both sides of the aisle are reacting to the battle over organized labor. Sen. Dave Koehler expressed his concern with the Supreme Court's ruling.

He says he fears today's decision will have far reaching economic consequences for America's already shrinking middle class. Koehler adds, “This decision allows some to have the benefits of representation without paying for it. That is just plain unfair."

State Rep. Ryan Spain weighed in, saying "I hope Wednesday's Supreme Court ruling will lead to better appreciation of the diverse political beliefs held by government employees who are represented by a union."

Supporters of the monumental decision say this is a victory for public sector employees. Rauner says this decision only impacts government unions and not trade unions. The decision could impact millions of employees in more than 20 states with similar laws.

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