PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, local musician Roland Millington needed a project and he found it in the form of a cigar box guitar.

Part of the guitar is a paint can. There’s electronics on the inside but the wood is the same as a cigar box which gives it a unique sound and is his calling card. Instead of six strings, there are three.

“I just decided that I want to do something fun and create something unique. Everyone was doing stuff like this in the pandemic and it just snowballed,” he said.

Millington has been performing music since the young age of 7, starting off with the violin the switching to the bass a few years later. Then, he got the taste for rock and roll music because, as he put it, he could “Impress more girls with rock and roll than with classical music.”

Now, he plays just every type of music which shows his love of music. Millington tends to play more cover songs, but he does have quite a few original songs in his arsenal. His influences include Earth, Wind and Fire to Jim Croce and Harry Chapin.

He’s had the opportunity to play his music live in front of crowds ranging from as little as five to thousands of people.

You can listen to more of Millington’s music (covers and originals) on his YouTube channel here. He is currently working on recording more of his originals for release soon for the world to hear.