PEORIA, Ill (WMBD) – Watch WAR Perform his motivational songs “Shark Tank” and “Gotta Stay Motivated.”

Shark Tank Lyrics:

You are in the shark tank
Do you know how sharks think?
Do you know what a shark is thinking?

Lori got it locked from jewelry to the cosmetics.
Damon changed the clothing industry, and yes, I said it.
Video portal broadcast Mark Cuban I netted.
$5.7 billion I want a team and I’m a get it.
Mr. Wonderful that learning company can I call you Kevin.
$4.2 billion man somebody call the reverend.
Bout to buy a Lamborghini and be gone in like 60 seconds.
Crossing the border to Canada where Robert got connections.
He think big and innovative AT&T said I respect it.
You got security on your house the internet I protect it.
Or at least we make it harder for spies to come through undetected.
Back to the houses Barbara a guru I’m glad that I met Ya.
Maybe you can broker this deal with me and Cuban buying Texas.
Or me and Damon relaunching FUBU called “yeah I’m a legend.”
Do you know what a shark is thinking they be thinking what I’m getting?
I got 5 percent for everybody trying to buy this record.

Early birds get the worm night owls get it after dark.
Sail fish not the big catch I’m tryna bait me some sharks.
Cuban link around my neck and no it didn’t come from Mark.
Selling through the QVC Lori genius this was smart.
Mr. wonderful with them numbers math is like an art.
Alex Rodriguez balling out here we knock it out the park.
Give me that money Damon I’ll see you when we top the charts.
Robert got the power to take us viral and then there’s Barb.
Motivational inspirational and it’s from the heart.
Like a retired navy seal won’t be another mark.
After we do this deal, I’m a be up there another shark.
Looking for that God particle to give me another spark.
Then we gone create a whole business and make a hunnet stars.
Who gone have the business running this industry one of ours
They know we inheriting the earth they gone try to run to mars.
Run forest run you can run but you cannot outrun a car.

“Gotta Stay Motivated” lyrics:

Gotta stay motivated yeah you know they hating when they call you names and
Tell you, you’re not gone make it. keep your head high let em know you’re not gone.
Take it. live your best life, life is precious and its sacred.

C is for the care that we spreading all across the nation.
H is for the house that you live in hope they don’t never break in.
E is for eternal life this is history in the making.
L is for the life you living it live it with no hesitation.
S is for security feeling safe getting your education.
E is everyone deserves to make it to second base man.
A is for always love thy neighbor not just Benjamin Franklin.
You calling people slow like somebody told you that we was racing.
Accomplish little goals but the major ones take a little patience.
Words are powerful so be careful about the words you saying.
Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words embedded in your brain man.
All this hate still going on, but everybody still loves Raymond.
You might be skinny right now and a little weight you gone be gaining.
Gotta love yourself on the inside out you are so amazing.
Never let em tell you nothing less keep you motivated.
Talking bout people nowadays it is overrated.

Gotta stay motivated yeah you know they hating.
Call you big head and the smartest people was elongated.
Gave you science and math solving the old equations.
Where we go when we leave this body your sole is taking
To the universe where you immerse with the whole creation
Its time to address real issues and stop being so evasive.
Why do people hate because of race, weight or where you stay?
Somebody taught them this and it was learned in a major way.
We can do this humanity just take it from day to day.
Come through in the clutch time and hit a three that’s a major play.
You a champion ain’t gotta listen to what a hater say.
I hit him with a punch line and knock em out with an eight o eight.
Ain’t no way you shouldn’t be comfortable in the place you stay.
They should always smile after seeing how that you make a face.
Do this out of love and we shouting this out to every race.
As long as its bullies in this world then no one is ever safe.