PEORIA, Ill (WMBD)- Watch Roland Millington Perform his songs “Somewhere else to go” and Reaview Mirrow on this Ci Proud Concert Series web exclusive.

The song (Somewhere Else To Go) was actually inspired by a guy I met when working at a local Rescue Mission. It’s about the dangers of addiction obviously, but also the hope that if one is able to confront one’s addiction, there might be a better way to deal with the traumas an addict is trying to escape, and instead of being dead in the ground, they might find the strength to grow, find another chance, and ultimately, healing.

Roland Millington on his song “Somewhere else to go”


Drivin’ faster on the Night Train

A bottle of pills just to ease the pain

You wouldn’t wander with me, when I was on the whiskey

You were always the sensible soul

Twenty miles outside of this town

You pulled over just to see me drown

You wouldn’t bother with me, if you knew my history

I was always less than you know

One more daisy reaches for the sky

One more possibility to try

If my heart won’t surrender, will it make me wonder if

I have somewhere else to go?

[Reaview Mirror]’s a fun song… Its a song for my daughter. It started off with me literally remembering what she looked like in the car seat in the back of my Mustang, in the rearview mirror with her sunglasses on and her hair was blowing all over the place and she just had this big grin on her face. And I was just like, why can’t we go back to that?

Roland Millington on his song Rearview Mirror


Do you remember when you were riding in the back seat of my

Ford Mustang, and the wind was in your hair and you were 

Just right there, sittin’ pretty in my

Rearview Mirror, nothin’s clearer than

When I remember when

Do you recall the time, you played your clarinet,

And you blew your line, oh you went for it but missed

And how I hope and wish you know that it’s a 

Favorite memory of mine

When I recall the time

When I remember when

I don’t see you much these days

I guess that’s just how it is

I’ll take what I can get

And be thankful for the rest

And I’ll learn not to miss you, but

That’s a lie I tell myself,

When I remember when

Will you put flowers on my grave, or is this just what it is?

You give what you can give, so I’ll just hope for the best

And you’ll learn not to miss me, but

That’s a lie you’ll tell yourself

When you remember

That someday when you’re older, maybe you could find the space to

Forgive my every sin, and a smile will slip across your face

It’s just right there

Sittin’ pretty in the

Rearview Mirror, nothin’s clearer than

When you remember when

When you remember when 

When you remember when

When you remember when