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PEORIA, Ill.– Travel season is officially here and one Peoria-based computer security service wants you to know what not to do while traveling.

Cian Inc. wants to warn travelers about the threat of airport charging stations.

The company says that hackers can use these ports to get your personal information. 

A couple of ways you can avoid these threats is by bringing your own charger to the airport, whether it’s one that plugs into an outlet on the wall, which most terminals have, or by bringing a portable charger that you can keep in your bag while traveling.

Cian’s Security Analyst Eric English says that hackers are getting creative and placing traps for travelers in airport terminals.

“Sometimes what these hackers are doing is leaving Apple or Android charging cords at these stations hoping that someone will pick one up and be like ‘Oh it’s a free cord, I’ll plug my device into it,’ and those can actually deploy malware and viruses,” English said.

English says wall outlets are different than the airport charging stations, and that wall outlets are safe to use.

Cian Inc. wants to warn travelers to protect their frequent flier miles as well as hotel rewards points.

Some ways to avoid your information becoming compromised is to not use public Wifi while using your banks’ apps to pay bills or check your accounts, and to not use charging outlets that are available in airports.  

Hackers have found ways to steal your information by leaving cords for you to use.

English says these rewards are as good as cash for hackers and that little by little, they are looking to steal travelers’ reward points.

“Track your points, track your miles.  Make sure you have your passwords all up to date and they’re secure.  Because for those who travel frequently, they build up a lot of miles.  It’s really easy for these people if they get into your account, for them to just steal a couple thousand miles, a couple hundred thousand miles you may not even know its gone.  And then they can resell them online,” English said.

English says if you or your business have any security questions, to give Cian a call at (309) 691-3000.

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