Olivia and Owen O’Connell helped save their grandpa’s life when he was having a stroke. They had taken a stroke class to learn the signs, and it proved very helpful. It was their quick thinking and heroic actions that make these two CIHeroes.

Their grandpa wasn’t moving his left arm and his speech was off.Luckily both kids recognized what was happening and immediately called 9-1-1. Their grandpa was in fact having a stroke, but because of the quick thinking he is making a full recovery. As for his grandkids they’re thankful to have had the stroke classes that helped save their grandpa’s life.Owen O’Connell, said “really important it helped me a lot with the stroke and knowing facts and vocabulary about it.”

Chief stroke nurse coordinator at OSF HealthCare Jan Jahnel, who taught the kids in those classes is beyond proud of her former students. She said “it’s important to teach fifth graders how to recognize a stroke, because many kids around that age spend a lot of time with grandparents.