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On December 21, 2017 Kalley Powell got into an accident at the intersection of Veterans parkway and College avenue in Normal. Immediately after the collision, Powell suffered a 100% arterial block causing one of the most agonizing experiences of his life. It was not long before Duane Kolbus, the man he hit, noticed and tried to save his life. Kolbus, with the help of two others, ran to the vehicle, pulled him out and began performing CPR as he waited for the paramedics to arrive.

“Just no words to describe it,” Kalley Powell said. “Its like how does that happen. Most people would’ve not even have known what to do or not bothered to do it and its great that these people were willing and able to do what they did.”

Today the three heroes in street clothes were being honored by the Normal Fire Department for their brave actions. This was the first time Powell got to see the other two citizens who had saved his life. He was very grateful and at a loss for words when referring to them. Over and over again he called them heroes and said he would not be there had it not been for them. 

“People talk about heroes,” said Kolbus.”I mean heroes are just people doing the right thing. If you want to call me a hero, great, but i just did the right thing.” 

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