City leaders discuss next steps prior to legalization of recreational marijuana

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EAST PEORIA, Ill. — City Leaders in East Peoria are considering next steps before the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois.

Tuesday, East Peoria City Council hosted a public forum to discuss the pros and cons of recreational marijuana use and sale.

Although marijuana will be legal here next year municipalities can create their own rules.

They can decide whether to sell it, regulate the number of businesses that can sell it along with the sales tax rates.

Attorney Scott Brunton, partner with Miller, Hall & Triggs highlighted regulations and prohibitions the city can and cannot create.

East Peoria could ban recreational marijuana use in public, but cannot ban use in private homes as long as the user is over 21.

The Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act states that the city cannot regulate or prohibit:

  • Possession of adult-use (21 and over)
  • Medical possession by person and caregiver (no age restriction)
  • Medical growth of up to 5 cannabis plants.

However, the city can regulate and prohibit:

  • On-site consumption at adult-use cannabis businesses
  • Creation of cannabis-infused products (edibles, lotions)
  • Cannabis transports between cannabis businesses
  • Point of retail sails

At the end of the session, several neighbors came to the podium to voice their concerns.

“It’s a heck of a way to get revenue if we’re going to generate revenue, let’s create jobs in East Peoria. Let’s not do it the low road, let’s do it the high road,” a neighbor of East Peoria said.

Another neighbor said he thinks the council needs to choose a side.

“There [are] only one species on this planet that can stand on both sides of the fence at the same time and that species is a politician. So you’re either for it or against it. Think of the next generation,” another neighbor of East Peoria said.

Although many are opposed to the use and sale of marijuana in East Peoria, some are okay with it.

One person who attended the meeting said the city should embrace recreational marijuana and regulate it.

No action was taken tonight on any of the discussion points.

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