City leaders encourage 2020 Census participation

Local News

PEORIA, Ill., — Peoria city councilwoman Beth Jensen said census participation is key to more money and representation.

Jensen said having an accurate count of the number of people living in Peoria will determine the amount of financial assistance the city receives.

The census will also determine the amount of U.S. Congress representatives we have in the state of Illinois.

Those who do not fill out the census could make it possible for our state and city to have less representation and money than before.

“The more people that complete the census shows that we have a higher number of citizens and the number of citizens in our population determines the amount of money that we get from the federal and state government for different programs and different grants.”

This money funds things like police programs, neighborhood community, and development programs, alongside others.

Jensen also adds that she was not in favor of the U.S. citizenship question on the census and is happy the federal judge ruled against it. She said it could turn people away that need to be counted.

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