City leaders propose no public safety lay-offs in 2020

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PEORIA, Ill. — Peoria city leaders are weeks away from finalizing the 2020 budget.

Tuesday, at the city council meeting city manager Patrick Urich and the rest of the council, discussed proposed plans for next year.

No one from the Peoria fire or police departments will be laid off, however, the budgets will be reduced.

The Peoria Police Department’s authorized strength is 229. Currently, they have 21 vacancies. The city plans to reduce the budget by 887,000 dollars.

Police chief Loren Marion said that allows him to hire 14 officers in January and five people for the police academy which would put him at 218 positions filled and 11 empty.

The Peoria Fire Department has an allotment of 57 people per day. The city recommends that after three people retire those positions are not refilled.

Fire chief Ed Olehy said cutting those positions won’t hurt their staffing nor will it affect the community.

“We feel like we’re in pretty good shape at the moment, but we are at a critical point we feel in the fire department that reductions beyond that without some re-organization of the department could be detrimental,” Chief Olehy said.

Also, Chief Marion said although all vacancies will not be filled his department will have patrol staff and officers available to respond to calls as needed.

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