PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Earth Day is tomorrow, and the city of Peoria is celebrating by cleaning up the streets and making our city beautiful.

It’s the ‘Great American Cleanup,’ where Peoria volunteers of all ages put waste in designated dumpsters throughout the city.

Peoria’s community development director says removing litter provides a better look for the city, improves the quality of life, and increases property value.

He says having 20 different neighborhood associations participating speaks to the value and importance of what the community means to them and the city.

“We just really appreciate the community and their involvement, not only in this but all of our community programs,” Joe Dulin says. “I think it really takes us all working together– our city staff, code enforcement staff, and our community development staff are out there every day trying to beautify our neighborhoods.”

According to the community development director, on a daily basis, the city of Peoria wants to inspire more residents to pick up two, three, or four pieces of litter.

He says the city would look, feel and continue to build on that sense of Peoria Pride we all have.

“Peoria’s very lucky we have a lot of fantastic citizens who go for walks all the time and pick up litter, kind of in a concentrated effort,” says Dulin. “The frustrating part for our residents is often they’re not the ones causing the litter.”

He says whether the trash comes off a truck, poor garbage collection, or someone throwing it on the ground, the future of the environment is in our hands.