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PEORIA, Ill. — The State of Illinois is trying to make buying land easier for business owners, and they’re calling these properties, super sites. 

Super sites are already equipped with the utilities a business owner would need. 

“In order to qualify for this site you have to, number one make it real serviceable,” said Cesar Suarez, Senior Development Specialist for the City of Peoria. “That’s something, we have here in the Medina Plains Corporate Park.

The Medina Plains Corporate Park in Peoria, just off Townline road, is one of 15 Illinois super sites. The area was chosen because it is both large and has access to utilities.

“In terms of qualifying for the site, every utility company had to sign on to submit validation of what was available,” said Suarez. “Not only on site, but also throughout the industrial 250 acre site.”

Leaders say this could be the start of large scale marketing for developers.

“The specification of this property is now validated,” said Suarez. “Which makes it real valuable in the eyes of the buyer. When they buy something, they will know what they are buying. They’ll know they are buying an improved quality site, and they’ll know where all the infrastructure is at.”

The sites property owner says, in order to make this land supersite ready, she had to put $2.2 million into it, which subsequently helps alleviate costs for business owners. 

“No utilities would need to be extended further,” said Julie Waldschmidt, Medina Plains Property Owner. “They are already here, somebody can come in and it’s all ready for them, whereas, when the Walmart project was done (Walmart on Townline) the roads had to be improved, the water and sewer had to be brought to the site. All of that is an added cost to your end user.”

Waldschmidt says the Super Site Program helps make Peoria more attractive to business owners.

“It’s good for companies to know, the City of Peoria is wanting them to come and re-locate here,” said Waldschmidt. “(Peoria) Will work with them on any potential rezoning, on their site plans and their developments.”

As far as the land is concerned, Waldschmidt ​​​​​​​says she is just waiting for any business to come in and take advantage of the site.

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