PEORIA, Ill. — After years of debate, the City of Peoria is purchasing the Simantel property at the end of Spring Street along the Illinois River.

The city needs the greenspace to comply with an order by the state after Peoria leaders built the RiverPlex Recreation and Wellness Center. It was built in greenspace in the Riverfront Park, which was created through a public grant. The city has since had to obtain more greenspace.

This will actually expand the footprint of the river front park by nearly four acres and will open up that four acres for open space avtivities for people to walk and hike and view the riverfront. So we’re very pleased that we’re able to close out this 20-year-old committment that we have to the federal government.

Patrick Urich, City Manager

Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich said the city now has three years to clean up the property and turn it into an extension of the park.

The city is spending $180,00 for the nearly-four acres.