City of Peoria using cameras to crack down on illegal dumping

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – With the help of technology, the City of Peoria is cracking down on illegal dumping.

Peoria’s Assistant Community Development Director Joe Dulin says the city has purchased and installed additional deer cameras in areas where illegal dumping is happening.

The cameras are able to capture information like a person’s license plate number which can be turned over to the police. A pilot program was launched last fall which ended up with several people receiving tickets for the act.

Dulin explains that illegal dumping has a handful of negative effects on Peoria.

“When it rains mosquitos can live in some of the tires that get created, it also just creates that blighting effect in a neighbor that can have detrimental effects on property values, crime studies have shown,” he said.

In Peoria illegal dumping carries a fine between $500-$5,000 dollars.

According to Dulin if a resident needs to get rid of bulky objects the Peoria Disposal Company will collect those items free of charge. Individuals are asked to place the objects near their trash cart.

Residents may also request a “No Dumping” yard sign by calling 309-494-2273.

“We’re really just trying to bring awareness to this issue,” Dulin said.

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