CityLift bus driver arrested amid accusations from Peoria family

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A CityLift driver faces charges after police say he endangered the life and health of a child.

“To hear that you don’t know where my child was, was devastating. I couldn’t even breathe even thinking about it now, just the whole reliving that brings me to tears because I don’t wish that on [anybody],” Marcus Mize’s mother Samantha Yates said.

This week Bertha Jackson reached out to WMBD saying her 13-year-old grandson, who has autism, was dropped off by the bus driver more than ten miles from home.

13-year-old Marcus Mize often rides CityLift from the Heart of Illinois Recreation Center to his grandmothers home; he is usually home by 4 p.m.

When he didn’t arrive home Tuesday afternoon, his grandmother says she got worried.

Somebody could have got him and we might not have saw him again. I was devastated. I’m still hurt and stirred in my soul that I could have lost my grandson to the negligence of service I entrusted him to.

Bertha Jackson, Marcus Mize’s grandmother

Mize was found by Morton police around three hours later on what was called “a country road.”

“..He’s only found because somebody finds him walking down a country road lets just remember that. It’s not like he was found by CityLift,” Hale & Monico attorney Andy Hale said.

Thursday police say they arrested the CityLift driver, 27-year-old Andre Walker, on charges of endangering the life and health of a child.

The family says Mize is traumatized.

“He just ran and hugged me and I was just overjoyed that he was back and he just kept saying ‘No country’,” Jackson said.

We reached out to CityLink and they said CityLift is operated by MV Transportation and that they will not make any comments at this time.

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