LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ill. (WMBD) — A Livingston County man has been found guilty of three 2019 murders Tuesday.

Clifford Brewer has been found guilty of six counts of first-degree murder, two each for the deaths of his wife Shirley Brewer, son Christian Brewer, and neighbor Norman Walker on Christmas Day 2019.

The decision came after closing arguments from both the defense and prosecution, which spanned a few hours.

Prosecutors wrapped their argument by detailing Clifford’s waning relationship with his wife Shirley, his desire for a divorce and testimony from a forensic pathologist that said gunshot wounds to the victims are consistent with homicide.

The defense argues Shirley is responsible for her son’s and Norman Walker’s death before a struggle between her and Clifford led to her death.

Their closing arguments included details about a DNA profile that matched Shirley’s being on the gun and gunshot residue found on her and Clifford Brewer’s hands.

His sentencing will be held Oct. 5, and Brewer is facing mandatory life in prison without parole.

“We’re not going to celebrate but we are thankful that the jury saw through the defendant’s lies. We’re thankful that the jury got it right and that he’s going to be held accountable for his actions. So very thankful for that,” said Randy Yedinak, Livingston County State’s Attorney.

“We are very disappointed, we think our client is innocent. There wasn’t proof beyond a reasonable doubt, but we do believe he was innocent and we were disappointed with the verdict,” said Stephen L. Richards, attorney for Clifford Brewer.

Richards said they will appeal the jury’s decision.