NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — Masks or no masks, has been the debate following Governor J.B. Pritzker’s announcement Wednesday that he will repeal his statewide indoor mask mandate later this month.

Colleges and universities are now debating whether they can end their mandates on campus ahead of the Feb. 28 expiration of Pritzker’s mandate.

While masks will still be required in a K-12th grade education setting, Pritzker made no mention of how it applies to universities or higher education. Media Relations Director Eric Jome at Illinois State University said many colleges are unsure how this affects operations.

For now, ISU plans on keeping its indoor masking policy in place.

“At this point, our indoor mask requirement stills stands and will continue to stand,” Jome said.

That policy requires masks indoors on campus, whether someone is vaccinated against COVID-19 or not. The governor made clear education was not included in his repeal of the indoor mask mandate but made no mention of if that includes higher education.

“What we’re looking for is some more specific guidance from our state partners through the governor’s office, Illinois Board of Higher Ed, IDPH on how this may specifically impact higher education,” Jome said. “I’m sure universities across the state will be looking for that as well.”

Back in Peoria at Bradley University, spokesperson Renee Charles said all faculty and staff will continue wearing masks until further notice from campus communications.

“Things are constantly changing. Things are rapidly changing, so we’re going to stay the course where we are for now,” Charles said.

Charles said their COVID-19 team meets on a weekly basis and evaluates all their policies including masks, testing, etc.

“Where’s the community, where are we numbers-wise, where’s the campus community vs. regional community, what’s our isolation and quarantine number,” Charles said.

Charles said staff and students have been following the rules diligently and said it’s the main reason the university has not had to go back to online learning.

At Illinois Wesleyan in Bloomington, spokesperson, Julia Perez told WMBD via email: “At Illinois Wesleyan, we will maintain our current masking protocols due to the governor’s call to keep the mandate in force for certain settings, including congregate residential environments.”