Community event held in Washington Town Square to welcome Walldogs

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WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Saturday in Washington signified support through art, music, shopping and vendors.

Festivities rang through the downtown square area as the city’s Bicentennial Committee supported the Historical Society in welcoming a group of well-renowned artists, The Walldogs, with a community event.

Lada Manier, chairwoman of the subcommittee, said they wanted to help out the Historical Society for having the muralists come to the city.

“We’e just here to support the Washington Historical Society in their efforts to bring the Walldogs here,” Manier said.

Manier said on Saturday, the Walldogs were finishing their last day of painting a mural, which honors the city, its history, and founder William Holland. She said they wanted to make the experience enjoyable for the entire community so they organized live music, food truck vendors, art activities for children, and shopping deals at local stores.

“Everyone’s happy to be out and you know it was supposed to rain and it’s not raining so that makes it even better,” Manier said.

Those who came out, such as Caera Berry and Jody Iverson, said they were loving the work the Walldogs were doing and were impressed with how quickly they painted.

“It’s great, the Walldogs are doing a beautiful job,” Berry said. “I love how they’re bringing the community together.”

“That’s pretty neat [the mural],” Iverson said. “Because that’s something that I’d figure would take a month or so.”

Berry also said she appreciated being able to enjoy being out of the house after months of stay-at-home restrictions.

“It kind of makes everyone feel normal,” Berry said. “It’s such a crazy time.”

Manier said they’re also used this opportunity to sell t-shirts and water bottles to raise money for their 2025 Bicentennial after this year’s fundraiser was canceled due to COVID-19. She said she’s holding out hope to have a bigger event next year.

The Walldogs started painting the mural early Thursday and were scheduled to finish Saturday night. Members of the Historical Society said they were so proud seeing the city’s history vividly displayed for all to see.

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