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Governor Bruce Rauner says the red flag law is an important step in increasing safety for the people of Illinois.

Counties around the state are reacting to the decision.

It’s been 48 hours since the Red Flag law has been signed and that legislation allows a court to order someone to give up their guns if they are deemed a threat.

“At least it’s a mechanism for the public is their is an outcry or concern do to all the school shootings and everything throughout the country,” says Brian Fengel, Chief of Police Bartonville.  

Under the new legislation, family members or law enforcement can “red flag” people when they feel there are warning signs that a person may hurt others. 

“For too long, we’ve had situations where guns can be kept in the hands of individuals who are mentally unstable, or deemed to be dangerous,” says Governor Bruce Rauner (R). “We cannot have that situation continue or exist.” 

This comes after the governor also signed a bill that extends a 72-hour waiting period for all guns purchased in Illinois. 

Tazewell County has taken a stance by backing the second amendment right in June. 

“Its not a sanctuary county and we want to reaffirm the second amendment in many of the things that are coming out of the Illinois General Assembly that we’re asking you to stop, take a breath, let’s address the real issues,” says David Zimmerman, Tazewell County Board.  

Moving forward, local law enforcement says they will continue to operate as they normally do, but will now begin researching how to enforce the new legislation. 

“It’s gonna be new,” says  Fengel. “We’re going to have to have training on it. Policies set up on basically how this is going to be implemented throughout the state of Illinois and local agencies.”

Before the addition of Illinois passing this legislation on Monday, 5 states had already enacted a red flag law. 

19 others were considering it and the rest had no legislation drafted, which of course, can and most likely will, continue to change as the gun debate continues. 

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