PEORIA, Ill., Summer is near and local Peorians are finding ways to enjoy the warm weather while supporting the community. 

The Riverfront Farmer’s Market caters to local businesses with homemade products and homegrown produce.  

“It’s a great place to come and get some of your locally grown vegetables and support your local vendors,” Owner of Young’s Popcorn Heaven Joann Young said. 

The market has crafts, food music and more. Ann Schreifels, another vendor at the market, said it’s super fun and a great place to see a bunch of different dogs. 

The market moved from its original location near the river to a parking lot on Northeast Water St. 

“The place that we have been the last few years is really nice it’s set up great, it’s just a great location by the river.”

Some say the new location is just as good. 

“This is our first day in this location and I actually like it a lot,” Schreifels said. 

Pops owner, John Burton said it’s a more intimate space. 

“It’s just been a great experience we just really love it down here,” jewelry vendor, Diana Kolowski said. 

Market participants and vendors suggest neighbors come out to experience it for themselves. 

 You’ll have a good time, you’ll have some nice music, good food, pleasant people lots of smiles, it’ll be a wonderful time,” Burton said.