Compost kiosk helps Peorians reduce their environmental impact

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PEORIA, Ill. — A new compost kiosk is helping Peorians reduce their environmental impact.

Better Earth Logistics opened the kiosk near Sous Chef in downtown Peoria on Sunday.

The kiosk is easy to use and requires a membership. Each membership comes with a kit that shows people what can be composted and comes with a year supply of compost liners.

“With the food waste, if we can divert food waste from the landfill that’s stopping the methane gasses from being made in the landfill,” said Yvonne Rosenbohm.

Food scraps can be collected and brought to the kiosk to compost.

“It’s really simple. You’re literally just changing what bin you use, and what liner you use, so I really think anybody can do it,” said Yvonne Rosenbohm.

Owners Yvonne and Luke Rosenbohm say the kiosk is locally sourced and the compost stays in Peoria, creating a sustainable cycle.

“It seems like something very small, but it makes a huge impact,” said Yvonne Rosenbohm.

The goal is to help keep organic waste from ending up in landfills.

“We’re funneling them and saying, you drop your food scraps, we’ll haul it to the compost facility,” said Luke Rosenbohm.

The kiosk is outside of Sous Chef, a business that composts with Better Earth Logistics.

“Responsibly dealing with our waste is part of our mission here. We are trying to have as small of a carbon footprint as we can,” said Katie Couri Rodolfi, the owner of Sous Chef.

Couri Rodolfi hosts the kiosk and sells compost kits, and she says it’s helping more people access this alternate option for waste.

“Those things that would normally go into the landfill don’t have to. They can go into the compost and do better for the earth,” said Couri Rodolfi.

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