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WASHINGTON, Ill. – After meeting at Washington Middle School for six years, Connect Church will now have their own place of worship, starting this Sunday.

Connect Church bought a building about a year ago, but when a fire leveled the Uftring Chevy building, they rented out the space to them so people didn’t have to lose their jobs.

Now a year later, they get to enjoy a newly remodeled building that they plan to use for more than just Sunday services.

“We’ve been excited for over a year knowing this was going to be our future church home. So there’s been a sense of excitement for a long time now, in the last 6 months you can really see how that excitement has grown,” said Pastor Dave Jane.

Church leaders have spent countless hours preparing for their first Sunday service.

“I’m most excited about lights, that’s what I do. I was here until 2 in the morning last night, setting up lights, getting them to work and I’ll probably do that again tonight, tomorrow night, until Sunday,” said Joshua Kellenberger, volunteer at Connect Church.

Kellenberger said it’s good to finally have a place where they don’t have to worry about putting up and tearing down technology every week.

“I came in when it was all put together and it was insane. Just the atmosphere of it makes it feel more welcoming, more like a church,” said Kellenberger,

Pastor Dave said he wants to utilize this building to serve the community everyday.

“Ever since day one when we started, our vision of Connect has been to connect the community to Christ. So we really felt as a church our goal is being a group of people instead of standing in a circle facing inwards, we like to think of ourselves as standing in a circle facing outwards,” said Pastor Dave.

The church also wants the community to use the building for events, meetings and to catch up with friends.

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