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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD)-  Town leaders in Normal are coming up with ways to address concerns with public transportation.

After the Connect Transit Board announced it will cancel a bus route and increase fares later this year many residents voiced their concerns about how this may impact them.

Even Sarah Grammer, supervisor for Normal Township, called on both the Bloomington City and Normal Town councils for the entire Board to be removed.

So on Monday more residents spoke out, this time at the Normal council meeting hoping to get the ears of the newly elected council members. Saying this has caused a bit of controversy in the area because people believe they are unfairly being punished.

“If the Connect Transit Board included Trustees appointed from those categories, of regular riders, I believe it would serve a greater number of regular citizens,” said Aleda Diggins of Normal.
Diggins went on to say the new changes will effectively hurt people with disabilities and the low income families who have already been struggling to pay the fares.
“I live on the Olive Route, the one that is being eliminated, and while a lot of the busses are not near capacity I do see a lot of people standing at the bus stops quite often,” said Marc Tiritilli of Normal. “We are giving up a huge chunk of the service that exists in Normal with the elimination of this route and that is just one of the many problems that have created a public outcry.” 
But City Manager Pam Reece says that could all change with the creation of a new working group. Connect to the Future Working Group was created last month and they will meet for the first time Saturday, May 11th.
Members of the newly created group say they hope to speak with residents about their concerns and brainstorm ways to find a common ground with the residents.
They will meet at 11 a.m. in the Normal Public Library and anyone willing is allowed to attend.


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