BLOOMINGTON-NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — A new bus route in the Twin Cities will soon service Rivian and its thousands of employees.

Connect Transit general manager David Braun said the new west-side route should be ready to launch by September of this year.

Braun said the route is a “U-shaped” route and will start at the Uptown Normal service station, travel west along College Avenue and stop at the Rivian plant. After making a stop at Rivian, the route will head south on Rivian Motorway and head east onto Market Street and stop at the Walmart. After Walmart it will make its final stop in downtown Bloomington.

After letting riders off in downtown, buses will turn around and do the route again, traveling in the opposite direction.

Braun said it was a joint project with Rivian and Connect Transit to service a growing part of the community that had previously not been connected by public transit.

“Not only are there a lot of employers in that area that we don’t access now, but there are employers moving to that area, suppliers to Rivian and other corporations in the area,” Braun said.

The entire route is expected to take about 40 minutes one-way.

Rivian declined an interview but sent WMBD a written statement:

“We are excited to extend public transportation service to our manufacturing plant. Not only will a Connect Transit station at the plant make it easier to commute to work, this effort can further reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. This partnership represents another step forward in our goal to preserve the planet for future generations.”Maura Freeman, Plant Communications Coordinator Rivian