Contractors considered essential workers, ‘don’t report them to police’

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PEKIN, Ill (WMBD) — Illinois’ current stay-at-home order has caused some tension between local contractors and the public.

Under Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s orders, critical trades are considered essential workers however, some contractors have said people have been reporting them to the police for being out and working.

Jacob Force, president of Force Masonry, said these reports are causing some contractors to stay home out of fear of risking their companies’ reputations.

“Contractors are torn right now on what decision to make,” Force said. “Ultimately we have to keep our customers safe but we also have to keep our companies’ reputation safe too.”

Force said he’s been trying to put out the message that working contractors are thinking about the well-being of the people they serve and, in turn, could possibly be putting themselves at risk.

“If people are turning contractors in that means those people think it’s bad for us to be out,” Force said. “They probably don’t realize the importance of our work which for some of us is keeping the homes of families safe.”

Force said in a time where many individuals are confined to their homes, the services many contractors provide are important to keep both their customers’ homes and minds at ease.

“I would like people to keep in mind that if you see a contractor out working, that they could possibly be keeping somebody’s home from collapsing or keeping someone’s home dry,” Force said. “One last thing someone would want to worry about right now at a time that we’re facing is if my home is going to collapse.”

He said overall he wants people to think twice before judging contractors’ decision to be out working.


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