MCLEAN COUNTY, Ill. (WMBD) — A McLean County Correctional Officer has been arrested Tuesday after a months-long investigation showed revealed that he misused leave time and committed fraud in worker’s compensation claims.

Ryan C. Hitch, 48, was arrested Tuesday by officers from the McLean County Sheriff’s office and taken to the McLean Detention Facility, according to a press release from Sheriff John Sandage’s office.

An internal investigation into Hitch’s behavior began on Sept. 15, and it became a criminal investigation on Oct. 4.

The charges filed against Hitch allege that he made false statements when claiming worker’s compensation by falsely stating or misrepresenting the severity of an injury, and obtain or attempted to obtain over $10,000 as part of that claim.

Worker’s compensation fraud is a class 2 felony offense.

Hitch is currently on administrative leave without pay, and Sheriff Sandage has filed a complaint to seek Hitch’s termination.