HANNA CITY (WMBD) — Wildlife Prairie Park could be getting some new cougars very soon.

After the last pack of cougars passed away in 2020, Wildlife Prairie Park is raising money to add a pack of female sibling cougars. The park is $25,000 short of the hefty $300,000 dollar price tag.

Most of the cost goes to building the enclosure to ensure safety, says CEO Roberta English.

“This is the community’s part. Wildlife park wouldn’t be here without the community. We are not a state park. We are not a park district park. We are a private park, We survive on donations and donations alone and the revenue that people are coming into the park, and so we really believe that once we get these cougars in here, people will come out to see them,” said English.

The park will also be adding a pack of wolves to its zoo in the first week of the new year.
To donate, visit wildlifeprairiepark.org