Could lead poisoning be killing off our national bird?

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Three bald eagles have been sent to Illinois’ Wildlife Medical Clinic with unusually high lead levels.

According to Wildlife Prairie Park, although it is plausible through the food chain that lead ingestion could cause death, it would be more likely to see a bald eagle hit by a car or flying into a power line.

“The chances would be very small,” says Adrienne Bauer, education and programming director at Wildlife Prairie Park. “So buckshot doesn’t have lead in it anymore. Now, that’s not to say that hunters don’t have a stockpile that they still might be using. But there would be a lot of steps, as far as one animal and then another animal ingesting it for that to be the cause of death.”

Wildlife Prairie Park says if you see a bald eagle on the ground, either contact Animal Care & Control or your local DNR Officer.

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