Could the minivan be dying?

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PEORIA, Ill. — In the past 10 years, minivan sales have dropped, causing Ford, Mazda and Buick to discontinue some of their models.

Although it seems like more and more families are gravitating towards SUV’s, there are some who believe the minivan is still the best car for them.

“It’s a lot more convenient , getting the kids in and out and grocery shopping, and the DVD player to occupy the kids while we are on road trips. They seem to love it, and less fighting and hitting,” said Tonya Callaway, minivan owner.

Robert Martin, Green Finish Line Ford General Sales Manger couldn’t agree more.

“There are plenty of people that are still interested in minivans, absolutely. It’s got to do more with the functionality part of it and affordability. But more times than not, the SUV’s are more expensive than what you might find with the mini vans. So that plays a big part in it as well,” said Martin.

Still, when it comes to choosing between the two, more people are driving off the lot with SUV’s.

“Once the sale kind of started dropping on the minivans, the manufacturers recognized that it’s got to do with the designing of it so they are just trying to make them look more like SUV’s at this point. The manufacturers that are still making them, trying to hang on what sales they got,” said Martin.

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