BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — A former Bloomington alderman got unanimous approval from his former colleagues to expand his store while and in the process is going to bring new life to a vacant downtown building.

Council voted unanimously Monday night to offer tax breaks to former alderman Jamie Mathy and his wife’s business group that owns Red Raccoon Games in downtown. With the tax breaks, Mathy will purchase the Main Plaza building at 301 North Main Street and move the board game shop into that space.

Mathy will invest $1,589,000 into the property. Council approved giving the business a 50% reimbursement of municipal sales tax generated by Red Raccoon Games to the owners with the other 50% going to the City of Bloomington over six years.

100% of the city’s property tax at the Main Plaza building would also be abated for six years.

Mathy said the building is need of modernizing including an elevator to make the basement accessible and getting it up to current fire and electrical code.

The shop has become a staple for board gamers in Central Illinois and with the new space the owners will double their retail space and triple their event hosting space.

Red Raccoon sells board games, puzzles and other “geek culture.”

In March, Mathy stepped down from his role as city alderman to avoid a conflict of interest.