Council meeting ruffling feathers in East Peoria

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Residents who will no longer be allowed to have chicken coops in their backyards.

The city council decision Tuesday was a shock to residents when they announced the change without a vote even though it’s been an ongoing fight since 2012. The Brinkers live in a small East Peoria neighborhood where their chickens run freely around their fenced in backyard.

They cluck, they lay eggs, and they’re like family for Shannon Brinker.

 “They’re mine… They’re my girls.. okay, now you’re going to make me cry.”

And she wants to know why East Peoria’s city council is raising such an issue.

Without taking a vote- council members delivered this statement to residents… saying, “rules that prohibit keeping backyard chickens in the city limits will remain in effect”…

 “From the start we knew this was going to be an issue. But we figured we could see if we could make a difference. I’m not surprised either. People told us from the very beginning that it wasn’t going to happen.”

Brinker uses her chickens to give her kids real world agriculture experience.

“It’s a good learning experience. Keep them off the streets, put them in the backyard, picking eggs, feeding, cleaning, that can be done on a farm but not every kid is raised on a farm.”

Despite the council’s decision- the brinkers say they’ll fight to keep their animals.

“Everybody should have the freedom to do what they want in their own yard as long as it doesn’t interfere with someone else. I mean, why does anyone really care?

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