Country Financial & Bloomington’s city workers ‘pay it forward’ to Home Sweet Home

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — An insurance agency is partnering with the city of Bloomington to give back to those struggling during the pandemic.

Home Sweet Home Ministries, Saturday morning, received 100 box lunches delivered by city workers and first responders. However, those involved in the generous gesture said it as a double donation.

Justin Boyd, agency owner at Country Financial, said his original plan was to donate to the workers who may not always get the proper recognition.

“I thought of people who pick up our trash every week,” Boyd said. “I contacted the city of Bloomington, city manager Tim Gleason, and talked about the public works people as well as police and fire and talked about doing something as a thank you.”

Tim Gleason, city manager, said Boyd’s gesture was thoughtful, but instead of giving to city workers, he wanted to take the opportunity to do something that would have a greater impact.

“We saw an opportunity to take these donations and get them in the hands of some of the community residents that have a greater need,” Gleason said.

This lead to Boyd donating 100 box lunches from Scout’s Downtown Cafe to the city, which in turn donated them to Home Sweet Home Missions.

Boyd said Home Sweet Home was very grateful for the donations. He said they’ve been getting a lot of support throughout the week but not many donations on the weekend.

“The box lunches should provide a meal for both Saturday and Sunday,” Boyd said.

He said at then end of the day he just wanted to show his appreciation to the city and thank them for all that they do.

“We’re doing it because there are so many people out there that don’t get recognized,” Boyd said. “So that’s why I wanted to recognize the city and it just shows their grateful hearts to be able to pass that along.”

Gleason said this act of kindness is a testament to how Bloomington’s community members put others before themselves and can come together during times of struggle.

“I think communities in times of emergency, crisis, disaster they pull together,” Gleason said. “But this is a unique community where they’ve got the means to help even more than I think a typical community can and they are so it’s really great to be apart of this.”

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