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PEORIA, Ill. — The recreational marijuana debate is now in the hands of Peoria County leaders.

At a meeting on Tuesday, leaders discussed the new state law and how it would affect the county.

Things like taxes, zoning, and law enforcement are going to be affected by the law, and would make changes in Peoria if they allow recreational weed.

County Administrator Scott Sorrel says they’re in the early stages of the discussion and will continue to discuss benefits and drawbacks in the coming months.

“If we choose to allow and regulate and tax cannabis businesses, we’ll absolutely be able to see some sort of increase in our revenues,” said Sorrel.

At the meeting, some asked questions and others voiced their opinions.

District 14 County Board Member Brian Elsasser says he doesn’t support recreational marijuana.

“I just can’t support something that could have a harmful affect on my constituents or the people in Peoria County,”said Elsasser.

He asked the county to consider being the first county in the state to ban recreational marijuana.

The state law goes into effect January 1, 2020.

The county will have until then to make its decision.

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