COVID-19 changes a local couple’s engagement plans, she still said Yes!

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PEORIA, Ill. (WYZZ)– Planning the perfect proposal that’s a goal every person has for their spouse. But for a Peoria couple, COVID-19 caused them to switch it up a bit.

Ryan Wood proposed to his girlfriend of nine months, Brianna Cross, Friday night although it wasn’t initially how he’d planned it.

Their first date was at Pour Brothers in Peoria Heights and Ryan wanted to propose outside with all their friends and family inside but due to social distancing and COVID-19, he had to improvise.

Instead of 50 people, he had to cut the list down to close friends and family members to be under ten people. Brianna originally thought he was going to propose on their, now-canceled trip to Jamaica.

“Originally, we were supposed to leave for Jamaica tomorrow (Sunday) morning. And she thought that that’s when it was going to happen so when Jamaica got canceled she kind of thought that the proposal, got canceled or postponed and I had never planned to do it there, I always planned to do it yesterday (Friday) at Pour Brothers,” Wood said.

But Ryan said a surprise proposal at Pour Brothers was always his original plan.

“I had no idea. I think I walked down the stairs from upstairs and saw decorations and was like what are people doing decorating here they can’t have parties and stuff. I was just walking ahead of him and he was already on like one knee,” Cross said.

“It took a minute for it to hit her, but when she realized it, she was just shocked,” Wood said.

Ryan and Brianna say they will now use their time during the pandemic to plan the details of their wedding and get their minds on their future.

“I can do that from home and I think it’ll be a good time to do it because we want to try for December,” Cross said.

“It’s just good to have your mind on something else right now so something positive,” Wood said.

They hope to get married in December of 2020.

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