COVID-19 is impacting garbage pick-up with more people staying at home

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — As COVID-19 is forcing more people to stay at home, the amount of garbage being picked up is being impacted.

With more people staying at home, garbage pickup is becoming a challenge. In fact, Eric Shangraw with Peoria Disposal Company says each home is producing on average five pounds more of garbage a week.

Most folks generate, I think it’s about 40 pounds of garbage a week, and so kick that up to 45, that’s a lot more volume.

Shangraw says items will only be picked up in bags or containers. Loose items will be left behind.

We don’t want our guys bear hugging things, picking up things that they struggle with, you know the big stuff, the couches, the hide a beds, the kind of stuff that people want to get rid of sometimes.

President of Henson Disposal, Thomas Kirk, says residential garbage pickup is not increasing but the requests and use of commercial dumpsters at homes is.

We’ve had several people, more than usual request the services of those, cause they’re just doing a household cleanout or cleaning out their garage, the basement, just because they have time.

Shangraw says workers are taking precautions while on the front lines.

They are wearing PPE, personal protection equipment, gloves and glasses. And, we are asking customers to stay away, don’t interact with the driver.

Shangraw says to maintain social distancing if you have to talk to workers.

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