D87 says most middle & all high schoolers will not return this fall; parents agree

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — A return to school plan stopped in its tracks. Leaders in Bloomington’s district-87 school district announcing Wednesday students in 7th-12th grade will not be returning to the classroom this fall.

Superintendent Barry Reilly said the change comes after noticing  those students change courses and teachers each semester. He says because they were scheduled to return just weeks before the semester ends, it would’ve caused a disruption.

Pre-K through second graders are still on track to begin their hybrid learning on October 26th. On November 9th students in 3rd through 6th grade will begin theirs.

Reilly says he understands the latest change will affect those who have been struggling with remote learning, but the district has a solution.

“I’ve talked with Mr. Moore(BHS Principal) and Dr. Jarvis (BJHS Principal) and they’re looking to help kids that might be struggling with remote learning,” said Reilly. “We will not hesitate to work in those cases, and we will take those on a case by case basis, to possibly bring a few kids in. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are able to get some of those kids back before the second semester.”

Reilly says he has received some push back from parents about the latest change to the plan, but not everyone is against it. At the district’s school board meeting Wednesday night several parents spoke out in agreeance with the plan.

Treasure Davis noted she has a daughter in 7th grade and a son in high school. She says she understands where parent frustration may be coming from but she believes remote learning is the best method.

“It’s important for parents to realize that going back to school is not going to be school as we remember it,” she said. “ I feel as if uprooting them all in the middle of the semester definitely doesn’t help. Having their same group of people, and their same teacher… having that be the one consistent they get, I believe, is what will continue to help them learn throughout this year.”

Reilly says next semester students in 7th-12th grade will begin learning in a hybrid format, However at this time, the district has not finalized what that’ll look like.

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