Dandrell Scott: ISU graduate chasing his dreams in the acting industry

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — An Illinois State University graduate is living his childhood dream.

Actor Dandrell Scott, born and raised in Harvey, Illinois, is making waves in the acting, rapping, and voiceover world.

You might’ve heard of Scott before, literally. He’s the voice of Wendy’s breakfast menu.

“If you hear the Wendy’s commercials on your radio or TV, that’s me,” Scott laughed. “I’m on the new season of Snowfall. Season 5 debuts on FX in the spring-time.”

He also plays Mitchell Adams on NBC’s Chicago P.D.

Scott joined Matt Sheehan & Kyreon in-studio to talk about his career aspirations, inspirations, and what’s next for the Redbird graduate.

He says doing what he lives, in the city he loves, is amazing.

“It’s great. It’s always been a dream or an ambition of mine as a kid,” Scott said. “In high-school I joined the speech team. With that, people think you’re giving speeches in front of an audience, but I was in the acting events.”

Scott said he did dramatic duet acting with a partner, Ebony White, and they won State.

“That lead to me getting a scholarship for Illinois State University for theater,” Scott said.

Scott is also a rapper. He has features from rap legends like Twista and Boozie on a couple of his songs.

“I got some music out, King of Everything Volume 1. Make sure you guys stream that wherever you get your music from,” Scott said.

We talked to Dandrell about some of his dream roles, here’s what he had to say.

“At this point, LL Cool J. I got that Kangol hat,” Scott laughed. “That’s one of my dream roles. Other than that, Marvel. As a working actor, you want to have any opportunity. I just love acting, whether it’s TV shows, movies, plays, doesn’t matter.”

Sheehan told Scott to give him a call when he gets a role for Marvel.

“We can both be in it together!” Scott said. “Don’t be playing, I’ll hop on that.” Sheehan laughed back.

Scott then reminisced on his time in the Twin Cities at Illinois State Unviversity.

“I remember it being busy. I was not only a student, but I was an actor. So you have to do auditions, stagecraft, practicum. Then you have to study for tests, you have a relationship, it was a lot going on, but it prepared me for what I’m doing now,” Scott said.

Scott said while he didn’t always know what he wanted to do, he knew he had the talent and skills to make his acting career happen.

“Seeing a lot of different examples of how people made it where I’m from, and go on to act and make TV shows and movies. Harvey World, you know what it is,” Scott said. “It’s great to see people from my community go and make it.”

Scott said the person he gained the most inspiration from isn’t even an actor.

“My biggest inspiration is Casey Neistat. He’s a vlogger. He has this spirit of entrepreneurship, do it yourself. Even if you don’t have the proper or traditional resources, you can still make it happen if you have the drive,” Scott said. “Being a mentor to me, even though I don’t know him, sometimes that’s all you need!”

Scott said the film industry in Chicago has really changed over the last eight years.

“Previously, nobody really wanted to come to Chicago and film. But now they got the tax breaks and a lot of things happening that are fruitful for everybody,” Scott said. “Whether it be One Chicago (Chicago P.D., Chicago Med), Paper Girls, a new Marvel show that’s coming to Chicago to film. If you’re an actor from Chicago, you can definitely find your niche here in the State of Illinois.”

We asked if Scott would ever want to come back to central Illinois to film a TV show or movie, he said of course! He also just got nominated for Voice Arts Awards. He’ll be in New York City later in December.

He was nominated for Outstanding TV and Web Commercials for his Wendy’s commercials.

Scott said this is like a dream come true.

“When I started voiceover, I didn’t know if I was good at it. Until you get into the studio, put on the headphones, then you look up and you have over 100 commercials for Wendy’s,” Scott said.

His advice for those looking to pursue a career in acting? Create your own content.

“For the longest time, I didn’t get cast for anything. I had to create my own content. Whether it’s a short-film or a vlog,” Scott said. “Then you can submit that to film festivals. You can get recognition, put that on your resume, and submit that to talent agency and casting directors. You can get the ball rolling if you create your own. If you sit back and wait for someone to give it to you, it might not happen.”

You can find Dandrell Scott on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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