DANVERS, Ill (WMBD) — The Village of Danvers Fire Department held a mock mass casualty drill Monday.

The purpose was to simulate a crash involving a school bus and a car to make sure the agency is prepared if the unfortunate incident were to happen.

“We actually have a school bus policy in our McLean County EMS protocol policies. So we thought that at the beginning of the school year it would be beneficial to all our members to not only to review the school bus policy but actually have to be active in a scenario involving a school bus,” said Assistant Fire Chief Ben Whitacre.

The assistant fire chief said, although the department has monthly EMS training, the mass casualty drills are held once every two or three years.

“It’s what we call a low frequency, high acuity call. Where we don’t have them very often, but it’s a serious situation… It allows us to get training in since we don’t have these calls very often,” Whitacre said.

The drill was a group effort that included Danvers, Carlock, Stanford, Dale, Mackinaw and Congerville. McLean County Systems Coordinators Kristine Newcomb said collaboration is important for the smaller agencies.

“Because every agency has a limited number of ambulances and when you get more than two or three patients you need extra ambulances. So, this works on collaboration, our ability to treat, our ability to determine transport for the best and quickest care to our local area hospitals,” Newcomb said.

Students looking for community service volunteered by choosing their injuries and getting moulage done to set the scene

“None of the responders actually know how many patients, what the injuries will be. So that’s all part of testing them and their ability to do that,” said Newcomb.

Official said a good drill includes patients being triaged and transported as quickly as possible.