MORTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The Republican Candidate for Illinois Governor, Darren Bailey, visited Morton Monday evening.

Bailey spoke at the Idlewood Park Amphitheater, hosted by the Tazewell County Republican Women.

Here was Bailey’s reaction to the assault rifle ban.

“There’s no need for any more laws, every one of these situations that we have had a problem with, we’ve narrowed it down to a failure to adhere to the laws and stuff already in place,” said Bailey.

Bailey made national headlines after his comment on the Highland Park mass shooting that left seven dead. Bailey said, “let’s move on and celebrate the independence of this nation”. He later apologized for his comments.

“No, I apologized for that and as a matter of fact that was taken out of context,” said Bailey

The organizer of the campaign event, Diane Jordan, said she stands by Bailey’s apology.

“I know exactly what he meant by it, and it doesn’t bother me because it was misspoken,” said Jordan.

Another big topic of discussion Monday: a possible cutback of employees at Rivian.

“I see another failure of leadership in government there, we need leadership to start bringing industry back, we had an amazing opportunity, the road was paved for them, and now we have this. This lies on the shoulders of Governor JB Pritzker.

Bailey will visit Peoria Tuesday at the Lariat Steakhouse from 1-3 p.m.